Denim is a fabric that is no stranger to fashion lovers. Most parents tend to prioritize childrene’s comfort over remaining within a certain  point.

Denim have crossed all borders, social cultures, classes and it is one of the most wanted outfits in the world. The significant transition in the choice of people from traditional wear to jeans worldwide, have practical reasons as well.

It is clear when it comes to children’s wear, the appeal of athleisure is the same as the priorities with denim comfort and versatility. Parents look for easy styles that are soft and comfortable and can go with everything.

So, why will you choose Denim for your kids? Because –

1. It’s super stretchy

2. It fits perfectly

3. It’s ultra soft

4. It’s durable

5. It’s brilliantly designed

** Denim is great for everyday wear. It is comfortable, convenient, and easy to care for. It does not show stains adversely. It breathes well and can be worn in most any type of weather. It somewhat assumes the shape of the wearer. Denim feels great next to the skin and does not require any other clothing under it or with it.

** Denim is about comfort, & strength, that you can depend on for ‘daily use ‘. It can outlast most types of fabrics. And, most importantly it never goes out of fashion!

** Jeans offer an easy way to feel stylish while also remaining very comfortable. It’s super soft fabrics.

** Denim is the only fabric that offers so much durability. Jeans are known for their durability. Made from denim, a long-lasting fabric, they were originally designed and worn as work clothes. It could take up to ten years to actually wear out a pair of jeans. 

Denim fabric is unique in it’s connection with one color – blue. The warp yarn is traditionally dyed with the blue pigment obtained from indigo dye.Because  of this way of weaving the threads to make the fabric, the fabric is very strong and durable.

** Raw denim jeans fade gradually and develop beautiful, unique wear patterns over time. This is what distressed designer jeans attempt to replicate, but they never really look as good as an authentic pair of worn raw denim jeans.

There are all sorts of interesting selvedge fabrics that just aren’t available in a prewashed or distressed form. If jeans made from heavyweight material, slubby fabrics, beige or indigo wefts, etc., appeal to you, then raw denim is the way to go.

So are you searching for best denim for your kid’s?  Then “Blue Jay” is for you .

It’s a Malaysian premium Kid’s brand providing wholesale opportunity towards people. You can connect with them via online  .

Denims are super easy to maintain and care for. You don’t need to use anything special to wash them and don’t need to wash them often. They are the least difficult of all clothing items to own and maintain. So choose the best denim for your kiddo’s! 

Happy Shopping!

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