Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. Denim, as it is recognized today, was first produced in Nimes, France. It’s available in a range of colors, but the most common denim is indigo.

Everyone you know probably has a clothing item in denim. That just goes to show you how popular the material is. Denim is popular because of its multi-functionality. You can basically wear just about any clothing piece with jeans and the fabric works for just about anybody because over the years, it has been manipulated into various cuts and designs so there is something for everyone. Children don’t only deserve denim but actually need it because of their nature.

Reasons why denim is necessity for kids-

  • Conceals Stains
  • Low Maintenance
  • Protected Against Ripping and Tearing
  • Color Variety
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Style Variety

Most jeans, jackets and other denim garments are designed with indigo dye. Therefore, they naturally conceal stains and blemishes. You should use caution to avoid spilling drinks or otherwise getting your denim garments dirty, but you can rest assured knowing that stains are difficult to spot on denim.

Denim is also resistant to shrinkage. All fabrics and garments will shrink when washed and dried, especially if they are exposed to heat. Denim, however, is less susceptible to this phenomenon than other fabrics, thanks in part to its unique manufacturing process. Most denim garments are washed during manufacturing. This causes them to shrink just a small amount, thereby preventing them from shrinking in the future.

When most people think of denim, they immediately envision a pair of jeans. However, you’ll find that countless other garments are made of this versatile textile. In addition to jeans, popular denim garments include jackets, shorts, overalls, dresses  and skirts. Rather than only including denim jeans in your wardrobe, experiment with a variety of denim garments.

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These days, denim can be used to make practically any garment. This fabric’s use in jeans has gone through many evolutions, and fashion designers around the world continue to devise new ways to make denim into pants. It’s also relatively common to see denim used in avant-garde designer apparel that models flaunt down runways across the world.

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