Challenges & Issues Faced By An Entereprenur In Fashion Industry

The most popular thought now- a-days is being a job giver not job seeker.This thought has given rise to the concept of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are known for their creative skills, innovative ideas and new inventions. Entrepreneurship in fashion is just like entrepreneurship in any other field and is no longer limited to stand-alone stores/boutiques. Various approaches have been developed with the advancement of the internet.Lets talk about the challenges & issues faced by an enterprenur in Fashion Industry-

  • Positioning in Market and Differentiation
  • Knowing Your Perfect Customer
  • Business and Financial Knowledge
  • Decision – Making Ability
  • The Right Method of Promoting Your Business

Positioning identifies the unique features of the product while also showing what is better about it when compared to competing products. Successful market differentiation can create a competitive advantage for the company and brand awareness for the product.

Knowing who makes an ideal client allows you to build your entire business, message, product, services, sales and support around attracting and serving this narrowly defined group. Once you dig deep and profile the common characteristics you should also start asking yourself some questions about these folks.

A good decision-maker chooses actions that give the best outcome for themselves and others. They enter into the decision-making process with an open mind and do not let their own biases sway them. They make decisions rationally, after researching alternatives and understanding the consequences.

The most important purpose that a promotion serves is that it sets a business apart from its competitors. No business will ever need to run any promotions if there wasn’t any competition. You have to stay ahead of your competitors in order for customers to keep doing business with you.

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The changeable world of fashion is not an easy one and overnight success stories rarely happen. Building something worthwhile takes time and a lot of hard work and determination. There is a lot of support out there for start-ups, so look for platforms and groups that want to help. Regard this race as a marathon and take it at a moderate pace. If your business is run well, anything is possible. Run with “Blue Jay” , run like a star!

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