Kids Clothing : Practical vs Fashionable items

Before discussing practical vs fashionable items let’s know the defination of necessity & luxury.

Defining Necessities. The dictionary defines a necessity as “an indispensable thing” – something that everyone needs. There are some things that everyone clearly needs just to survive.

Luxury is defined as something that is not essential but is expensive, desirable or valuable and provides comfort. A condition of abundance or great ease and comfort,  something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary one of life’s luxuries.

What do you think?  Practical & fashionable clothing relate to necessity  & luxury?  Absolutely not. Most of the people do the same mistake. In fashion sence,  practical & fashionable has different meaning.

When used of objects such as clothes, practical can mean directed only to the goal of doing their intended work, and often plain in style or character: I wear clothes that are practical rather than fashionable.

If you are young, it is most probably important to wear fashionable clothes as it gives a boost to your confidence that you are trying to keep up with the trend. In today’s world, trends are coming and going at an increasing rate.

** So, do you go for practicality or fashion-ability for your kids? Or have you found a magic formula that combines both?

Clothes have developed from a practical asset to a social marker. They affect the way we see ourselves. They help us to be seen in the light that we wish to be, and also exude our personalities and social status. In many societies, dress sense embodies personal wealth and taste.

While it comes to choose our kid’s clothing it became tough to think that how can you choose the perfect. Actually for a happy leading life practical & fashion both are important in fashion.  So how could you mix both? Lets go for some rules –

  • Wear outfits appropriate for the occasion.
  • Keep it simple and put the focus on where it matters.
  • Create a fashion mood board.
  • Buy good quality.
  • Care about your shoes & Accessorize

** Wearing appropriate is the first thing. Check if there is any dresscode or not, what kind of programme it is, what will give comfort in this season. These are the practical things to think about.

** Don’t make your kid’s dress too much heavy which make him/ her uncomfortable. Keep it simple & comfortable,  it will look fashionable as well.

** A moodboard is a great way to set the visual direction for a new fashion project. It’s an effective way to communicate your ideas quickly without having to produce new work—instead, arranging existing images, text and links to evoke the style that you’re looking for.

It will help you to be practical & fashionable as well.

** Be smart about buying clothes. Give priority about quality rather than quantity.

** Your fashion sense will bloom with the accessories & shoes you wear. So be careful about choosing them.

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Happy shopping!

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