Smart Ways to Care for Your Kid’s Denim

We love our kids . And  want to protect them from eveything. Care for their clothing is different from care for Denim.

We want the best for kid’s Denim. We want to hold it’s  hands and help them live their best lives. But the truth is that jeans don’t require a ton of maintenance, no matter how much we want to care for them. In fact, washing them less means they’ll look newer for longer.

The gentlest and most effective way to care for expensive denim is to bring it into a professional cleaner. The dry cleaning process is water-free – so the ‘water wash-off’ of dye is eliminated. Besides, the dry cleaning process itself is inherently gentle. 

If you wash your kid’s jeans at home, be sure to turn them inside out, use a gentle detergent, a short cycle, and cool water. Esquire recommended air drying your denim, but if you must use a standard dryer, avoid using high heat.

Let’s have a look on some points regarding to denim’s care at home –

1. Reduce wash time.

2. When you do wash them, turn them inside out  .

3. Go for a cold wash.

4. Don’t use iron.

5. Freeze the jeans 

**  It’s the most common thing that don’t wash your denim frequently. Why?

Indigo is an unstable dye that does not fully penetrate the fibres of the fabric. For this reason, jeans fade with every wash which is fine if that is the look you want but washing also degrades the fibres and so the more you wash your jeans the shorter their useful lives are likely to be.

** Be careful that both the side of your jeanse should be cleaned while washing. Check gain about it.

** To prevent shrinking or bleeding, only use cold water to wash your jeans, and wash them separately or with similarly colored denim.

Once your body temperature warms the fabric, the germs will come back just like before. Wash Your Jeans Sparingly True. If you want to preserve the shape of your jeans, always wash them inside out, in cold water, with a specially formulated detergent.

**  Denim is usually made from cotton, which is sensitive to heat. So if you do choose to dry your jeans, there are some tips on the best ways to do it to preserve their color, fit and fabric.

Turn the jeans inside out to avoid any potential fading and be sure to iron along the natural seam of the jeans.

** Although not washing your jeans doesn’t seem to pose any health risks, the smell could become a problem. Denim-heads have suggested freezing your jeans as a way to kill bacteria and the stench, although there is no scientific proof that this method is effective.

These are tips & tricks careing about your kid’s denim. But where will you get the best denim for your kids? Undoubtedly go for this website

It’s ” Blue Jay “,  the best whole sale denim & kid’s clothing brand in Malaysia.

Happy parenting!

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