Children will need to wear clothing which they can manage themselves. This will support their growing independence in using their self-help skills and ensure they can play unimpeded indoors and outside. 

Getting dressed helps your child develop many other skills, including: fine motor skills as she learns to fasten buttons and zips. Cognitive skills as she remembers which bits of clothing go on first, and builds the patience and attention to finish the task. language as she names types of clothes & colours.

Learning how to dress plays a significant role in the natural process of development of a kid. It develops confidence, self-dependence and many other useful skills. Let us explore some important reasons why you should make your kid learn dressing.

  • It makes good impression
  • Give confidence
  • Easy to express his/ herself
  • It will boost creativity
  • It will keep productive
  • It will help to stand out

** “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” —Diane von Furstenberg

Style & Impressive looks we need to find out. And it should start from the very childhood.

Kids are precious for parents. They want to make their child impressive & cool. So do make them learn about dressing up for their mental development.

**  Choosing their own clothes allows kids to figure out their own likes and dislikes. Trying new things or learning to do things themselves is one of the main ways that toddlers and young children build self confidence.

** The clothes  we wear are much more meaningful than simply what we look like, but they are one of the greatest ways to truly express yourself to the world. What we choose to put on each morning can reflect our current mental state, mood, anticipations and excitement. Kids will learn one way to express themselves.

** It is also said that there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing. As long as your child has weather appropriate clothes to select from then let them go for it and see how creative they can be.

** A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that the clothes we wear may actually influence our cognitive abilities — in children  as well as adults.

Essentially, how we dress can change the way we think!

** Studies have proved that when individuals are comfortable in the way they present themselves, they naturally gain confidence in owning their appearance.

Appearances do matter, but not with what society sees in you, but how you perceive yourself. This fundamental concept has to be introduced to your child early to understand the idea and carry this out in their lives as mature individuals.

Eventually the thing is that clothing is important for your children’s development.  So choose your Kid’s clothes wisely. You can trust on ” Blue Jay” about your Kid’s clothing. They have a vast collection of child clothes.

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Happy Parenthood.

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