The importance of comfortable kids clothing

Children need clothing that is soft and gentle on their skin. Itchy and scratchy clothes will only make them more uncomfortable. If you want to purchase only stylish toddler clothing, make sure they are of high quality and made of natural materials suitable for children.

These things you should keep in mind while buying kids clothing-

  • Select skin-friendly fabrics
  • Get the size right
  • Choose age-appropriate clothes
  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Children
  • Pay attention to the design and colour

The ideal design of a garment for sensitive skin does not have sharp or rough edges, or stiff collars. One that is lightweight, has minimal seams, loose fitting (yet properly draped and cut) is preferred to reduce friction on skin. It is important that kids wear comfortable and quality materials for their skin. 

If you already know the height and weight of the baby, you can refer to the table above.
If you don’t have the information, then common sense will have to apply and maybe a little patience too! Babies vary in height and weight at birth. Some will need a size 0, for others size 1 month will be the perfect fit for a few weeks, whilst others will start wearing 3 months old outfits straightaway.
In doubt, we would suggest going for the size 3 months as baby is likely to wear it a little longer.

When it comes to getting the right size for older children, knowing their height and a few dimensions is important. It will help  identify the best size to choose for your ever growing kiddo.

Nowadays, where customers are more likely to be millenials and the keywords of the moment in fashion are genderfluidity/genderneutrality; we can work with the traditional color palette, but we have to rework it to bring it to tomorrow’s customers.

This article focuses on the best breathable and comfortable fabrics for sensitive skin kids . “Blue Jay “ is working in materials started with the search for the softest, sustainable and durable fabric beneficial for kids. It’s a wholesale kids clothing brand with quality. If you are working with kids clothing and have your own store then keep going with “Blue Jay”. 

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