Smart Ways to Organizing Your Kid’s Closet

Are you bothered about organizing your kid’s closet? It’s an obvious thing for every parents to manage all those things.  To make your children organised from the childhood It’s a good way to do so. Make separate wardrobe for your child and let him/ her give the responsibility to take care of own clothes. But before that trained them how to organise clothes easily. Have a look on some points :

  • Time saving organised

Organise the clothes in such way that every thing can be found so easily. It will be a time saving way.  Even if you are in a hurry,  you closet will not let you late at all!

  • Check Off the Essentials

Arrange the colourful hangers, hooks, shelf divider, hamper, storage basket etc necessary things for the closet.

  • It should be easy to use for kids

Think that you decorate the cliset such a classy way that you feel so great,  but It’s being tough for your kids o mantain that. As the closet is for kids,  so think from the point of view of your child.  Make it easy for them to mantain. Once when they learn how to do, then they will creat new and classy look for them.

  • Keep regular used clothes near and rarely used clothes higher

There are some special dresses for special occasions which we rarely use.  Those can be keep in higher shelves.

And regular used clothes should be near and easy to get.

  • Closet divider

If siblings have to share from one closet then make a diveder in the closet which will stop fighting among them.

  • Named / Lebel the drayer

Lebeling is important for getting a perfect organizing closet. It will help your Kid’s  to find everything easy and quickly.

You can make an extra part for denim as It’s most popular among the kids. They have different kinds of denim collection.  If your kiddo is a denim lover then have a look on – Blue Jay!

One of the most popular kid’s brand in Malaysia.  And you can get the wholesale opportunity here. Connect with them on Facebook and do online shopping with them. Your kiddo will get interest to see their contest too.

  • Keep Dirty Clothes in separate place

Make sure your kids are keeping dirty clothes in separate place. Mixing with the ironed clothes,  the closet will be a mess. So be aware of that.

  • Decoratation

If learning is enjoyable then it will be easy. So if you want to make your child organised make the learning way nice for them. Make decorations on the closet so that it looks cool and kiddo try to make it cool always by keeping it neat and clean.

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