Clothing Sensitivity in Kids

Each of us and every kid has a unique sensory system. We each have sensations that we like, don’t notice, and avoid. Some kids have more of those preferences than others. This all depends on their own individual brain, which is why it varies so much from person to person. Sensory issues with clothing become a concern when they start to interfere with a child’s ability to function in daily life. 

As parents, it’s frustrating and exhausting. It can also be hard to understand why they can’t just put the pants on. We may even force them to. But, our kids are literally yelling out because those pants might be downright painful. They aren’t being bad when they refuse to wear jeans, socks, or whatever, it’s simply how their brain works, and they don’t quite know how to put that into words.

Let’s discuss about what should we do.  Just  having this simple plan will give you a lot of peace and knock the frustration level down a few pegs because you’ll have a plan that you can start right now.

1. Try to understand 

2. Don’t Force  

3. Allow for extra time 

4. Offer Choices  

5. Think sensory friendly clothing  

6. Use a time limit 

  • First of all,  you need to understand the situation. When you find yourself getting frustrated or exhausted by your kid’s sensory issues with clothing, try to imagine how uncomfortable it must be for them. The added benefit to this is that over time, your kid will notice your understanding and start to communicate better because they know you get it and are there for them. 
  • Forcing will make the matter worse for your kids.  Never force them to put on those clothes which they don’t want.
  • In this busy World we don’t give anyone extra time. We need everything time to time. But here your kids need extra time. Don’t be in a hurry while they are dressing.
  • Give them choice. Always put two pair of clothes so that they can decide. If they are in confusion then help them by telling the difference between two clothes. As soon as kids feel like they have some control over what their body experiences, they are more willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone.
  • Observe your kids choice. What he/she likes to put on. Every  child is unique, by in large, most sensory issues with clothing are because of seams in socks or pants, or a strong preference for comfortable clothing like sweatpants. Although some kids prefer tight-fitting clothing, as well. Notice what your child seems to complain about or gravitate towards.
  • Give them sensory friendly clothes like Seamless socks, tagless shirts, comfortable fabrics etc. You can check “BLUE JAY”. For getting best & comfortable kids clothing with affordable price. They are one of the best wholesale kid’s clothing brand in Malaysia. You can connect with them via Facebook too.
  • Don’t force them to wear perfect clothes but you can give them a time in a week or month when they have to wear special clothes. It will help them to get use to it.

Childhood is a nice thing. Don’t let your kid’s childhood ruin by this sensitivity disorder. Consult with doctors if needed.

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