Safety is the first priority for Kid’s Clothing

Necessity is not an established fact, but an interpretation. We use clothes for necessity. By the passing of time we make it fashion & necessity turns into luxury. And this luxurious fashion is including our child.

At the very first stage of human civilization they didn’t use clothes as this was not invented yet. It was hard for them to protect themselves from severe cold or hot. And then people invented clothes because of their safety.

In this modern world we sometimes forget the fact that the first priority of clothes is safety not show off. We need to select for our kids having in mind that it will make them comfortable & safe. A baby or young child cannot be expected to cooperate very much in the job of dressing. Many are far more interested in taking clothes off than putting them on.

Each & every time we talk about fashion, trends and so on. Now Let’s talk about safety of children about clothes –

Safe Clothing

Clothing can cause young children to have accidents. Infants whose curiosity is aroused by fancy snaps, buttons, or trim may attempt to pull them off and swallow them. To avoid this, be certain these features on any garment are securely attached. Avoid garment decorations such as ball fringe, fancy zipper pulls, and other decorations that might be pulled off and swallowed by a curious child.

Drawstrings at the neck of any garments can cause stangling of your child. Another thing is safety pin without safety head.  We use safety pin many of the baby clothes. But be aware that is there any safety head or not. Long  sashes, large pockets, legs or garments can cause accident by making your kids fall down. Loose fasteners or buttons can make swallowing problems for kids.

There are three main aspects of Safety & comfort to consider –

  • Temperature
  • Irritating textures
  • Restriction

Temperature :Temperature comes first when it is about safety as it changes time to time & sometimes unpredictable too. Clothing can cause children to be uncomfortably warm or cool. Safe & comfortable clothing will allow absorption and ventilation so that body moisture can evaporate easily. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are absorbent and comfortable for small children. 

Give special consideration to a baby’s comfort if disposable diapers are used frequently. These diapers do not allows ventilation, and skin irritation may result if care is not taken.

Irritating textures :

Children’s skin is a sensetive thing. Harsh or scratchy fabrics, fasteners, and seam finishes can irritate them. So better to use soft febris to make them comfortable & safe as well. Be sure to check the construction of each garment to avoid bulky seams and scratchy fasteners. Heavy zippers, snaps, and buttons will be uncomfortable for the baby to lie on. Metal zippers may be rough and irritate the skin, and they can become uncomfortably warm if exposed to the sun for too long.

Restriction : If the body movement is restricted they will feel uncomfortable.  Too small or too large clothes should be avoided.  Avoid uncomfortably small necklines, armholes, sleeves, and waistlines and elastic that is too tight. Clothing that is too large and twists around the body or trips the child should also be avoided.

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