Appropriate kid’s Clothing for Your Boutique

Dressing in clothes that fit and flatter and that show an understanding of the latest fashions will keep you ageless. Develop a look that has more sophistication as you age, but retains some fun elements if that’s your personality.

Appropiate dress selection is according to activities,  weather, programmes and the temperature of their surroundings. Choosing appropriate clothes for  toddlers is important because it helps children’s growth and it creates impact on their mind. As a kid’s clothing owner you should be careful about choosing appropriate clothes.

The temparature should be in mind while selecting clothes. The fabric of clothes should be in mind. The major activities to consider include Sleeping ,Eating, Playing & Dressed up.

Sleeping clothes: Do you know your baby is growing smoothly while he/ she is sleeping. Thats why they need calm sleep hour.  And for a comfortable & calm sleep time  baby needs to feel comfortable with clothes. Here it’s really important to choose clothes.  New born baby or usually a baby need more clothes while sleeping. For little ones 6 months or older, select pajamas with feet. These will help keep the child warm even when blankets are kicked off during the night. All sleepwear for children is flame retardant, but it must be laundered correctly to maintain this quality. So,you should have a special corner for sleeping dresses in your store.

Eating clothes: This is the  time,  when  kid spoil most of the clothes.  It’s a common scenario that kid’s should change their clothes after eating.For babies on solid foods, a large bib of plastic or a combination of cloth backed with plastic will be useful. Pockets across the bottom of the bib to catch food will be helpful, and cloth binding at the neck will add comfort for the child.

Playing clothes: Playtime should be  comfortable with their own way. For indoor play, choose stretch play suits, shirt sets, and gowns for small babies. Toddlers will enjoy coveralls, overalls, T-shirts, etc. For playing outdoors, toddlers will need shorts, tops, and overalls or shortalls for summer, and coveralls, corduroy pants, and sweaters (front openings) for winter.

Dress Up: Parents always want to see that only their kiddo is the best. But doing this things they forget everything & start “show off” which is not good for anyone. Always think about reality,  think about what actually matters.

For too small kiddo, avoid scratchy laces, stiff fabric, etc. Fancy, ruffled plastic pants, “cute” shoes, and caps may be uncomfortable for them. Select garments of soft fabric similar to the everyday garments the child enjoys wearing. Always remember one thing  that dressing up will not change the child’s behavior or habits, be sure all dress up clothes are easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

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