A Capsule is a small collection of wardrobe pieces you love that were carefully chosen to work together. It’s the ultimate mix-and-match wardrobe.

The capsule wardrobe concept isn’t new, but its popularity has made a resurgence in the last several years. Bloggers and fashionistas across the internet are all talking about their own experiences trying this minimalistic method.

In my last article, I explained how to build a capsule wardrobe for your kids. Now let us talk about the importance of capsule wardrobe. Why mothers specially the working mother should build a capsule wardrobe for their kids.

  •  Save your Time
  •  Save Your Money
  •  Keep you Organised
  •  Make Get Dressed Fun and Easy
  •  Fewer Decisions/Less Stress
  •  Helps Develop Personal style

** A capsule wardrobe will allow you to save time, money and space. You can focus on things that really matter, like friends and family.

A capsule wardrobe makes deciding what to wear easier. First of all, with fewer items to choose from, you have fewer items to decide between when choosing clothes. Also, because you love everything in your wardrobe, making a decision is easier because you’d be happy in any item.

A mother can’t get time for even sleeping. Even a moment is very important for her. It’s a very easy way to save her time. Because  you only keep your favourite clothes, you already know everything you own looks and feels great.

** Saving money!  Oh yes.  It will save your money from unnecessary shopping for your kids.

It will make your routine so nicely that you can’t spend money on unnecessary things.

**  A simplified wardrobe means you can simplify your closet as well.Even laundry is easier with a capsule wardrobe. 

Your closet and drawers are  organized because you have fewer items of clothing filling them. And it’s easy to maintain your tidy closet. It will keep you organised.

** Think  about a morning where you & your kids are getting ready without any hesitation about choosing dress. You are talking about some other important things instead of finding dress. It will make your life easier.

** When you fill your closet with only pieces you love, fit you well, and go with everything else, getting dressed in the morning is a breeze. Reducing the volume of items allows you to see exactly what you have so you can decide quickly, spend less time agonizing over what to wear, and start the day off right. Stress will release automatically.

** Its really important to make a different style / personality  from the very childhood.  What will be more convenient than a capsule wardrobe for this?

For a perfect capsule wardrobe you need to buy perfect & good quality clothes for your kids. Here you can take help from ” Blue Jay “. It’s a Malaysian kid’s premium clothing brand  which can help you get a pefect capsule wardrobe for your kids.

Great thing is that they will provide you online shopping opportunity.  You need not to go for market in lockdown time.you can contact with your vendor via Facebook too

Shop from home. Stay home. Stay safe!

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