Why do all kids like bright colours and dress as bright as possible?

A newborn doesn’t see in color at all, thus her early fascination with black-and-white patterns and playthings. Her color vision is fully in place by 4 months.

Children learn from a young age to associate colors with particular objects. For instance, they often associate red with apples, orange with oranges, yellow with bananas or the sun, green with grass, blue with sky or water and purple with grapes. Bright colors are also known to have deeper associations. 

Children see colour with fresh eyes. They talk of colour as fun, happy, cool and beautiful. They learn how colour makes them feel when it’s close to them, especially when selecting personal items. They learn to use colour to reflect different moods and emotions. Bright colour is often thought to represent energy, happiness, carefree, risk and playful fun.

Children’s eyes are open to observe the colour details and patterns we so frequently overlook. 

The Effects of Colors on Children. Why they love to choose bright colours?

Firstly,  Bright  colours are undeniably eye catching, and even quite young children might associate certain colours with positivity, intensity and other feelings.   

Children are pure hearted. They choose colours for themselves which they want to see on others. They are happy creature. Their thought reflects on colours.

Secondly, happy children with plenty of energy and curiosity for life are likely to be drawn to coloured clothing that feel energising to look at or wear. 

Children  might choose to wear bright colours for the effect they have on their mood. 

Thirdly,  It’s true that parents choose bright colour for children so that they can find their kids even in the crowd. It’s a practical reason to choose bright colours for children.

Fourthly,  The biggest reason for choosing bright colour for kids is the manufactur of bright kid’s clothing. All the brands think about Kid psychology & produce bright colour clothes for children. 

For example ” Blue Jay “.

Before producing any new product they start learning & observing kid’s psychology. Is that perfect or not,kids will love it or not etc. That’s why you will get the perfect & comfortable kid’s clothes from them. It’s a Malaysian premium brand for kid’s clothing.

They are providing online wholesale shopping opportunity.

Fifthly & finally,  It’s eye soothing to see the kids in bright colours. They are new life, we can see the future on them. That’s why parents choose bright clour for kids.

Researchers said that  – color affects emotions, and can have a significant effect on developing children. So It’s very important to choose clour for Your children. Get help from ” Blue Jay “.

 Make your life easier.

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