Mistakes in Clothing Wholesaling You Should Avoid

Wholesalers are channel members that buy finished products from manufacturers and sell them to retailers. Retailers in turn sell the products to consumers. Wholesalers also sell products to institutions, such as manufacturers, schools, and hospitals, for use in performing their own missions.

Wholesaling is the act of buying goods in bulk from a manufacturer at a discounted price and selling to a retailer for a higher price, for them to repackage and in turn resell in smaller quantities at an even higher price to consumers. … The retailer sells at a price that reflects the overall cost of doing business.

A wholesale customer is any customer who has at least one price list assigned to them. If you a retail business person & always buy from wholesalers then this article is for you.

Let’s talk about some common mistakes which you should avoid everytime.

  • Not Understanding Your Market
  • Choosing the wrong stores to approach.
  • Not Having A Licence
  • Jumping into wholesale before you’re ready.
  • Focusing on price rather than service
  • Observation of market is one of the important things before starting business. You are buying bulk wholesale things but can not sell. It’s because of not understanding your market.
  • Not every store is a good fit for your brand and there’s an art to knowing where to invest your time. It’s important to take enough time to find a reliable supplier before placing the order.The best way to source clothing products is to find a dedicated clothing supplier. One can check their online presence, internet ratings, and customer review to evaluate their service qualities. It’s because the success of the clothing store largely depends on the type of wholesaler the owner partners with.
  • For example,  if you are a kid’s clothing supplier,  you should know where you can get best clothes with best price.Don’t make any mistakes if you are in Malaysia Singapore & Brunei.  Choose “Blue Jay”, one of the best wholesale brand in Malaysia. For getting their online service you can connect with their facebook page too .
  • The vast majority of wholesalers require that you have some kind of licence, certificate or other form of documentation that proves they are a legitimate business, before you can purchase items from their site and get them at those low wholesale prices.  This is a problem for many new store owners, whether physical or online and you may find yourself in the position whereby you are waiting to get your business up and running before sorting out a licence or are waiting for the licence to be approved. 
  •  Selling into stores is somewhat of an advanced strategy. You need to learn crawling before running.  Otherwise you will fall down. So be prepare before start.
  •  when you are a business person,  don’t think only how much you earn. Don’t be that selfish one who never thinks about customers service.

Improve your customer service,  your business will improve automatically.

Happy Dealing!

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