Materials  of product for baby clothing

As we know kids have very soft skin so  one of the most important attributes to look for kids clothing is that the clothes are soft and not rough. Soft baby clothes made from  cotton or eco-friendly materials are becoming more popular.

So, the question is what materials should we avoid or what we choose for kid’s clothing. Just take a look –

Nylon is  not a good fabric for your kids to wear . Nylon does not absorb moisture so sweat is trapped against skin, which creates a breeding ground for odour and fungal infection. An irritant known as formaldehyde is also found in nylon and has been linked to skin irritation and eye problems.

We should avoid this fabric while buying clothing for toddler.

Next one is Polyester. Polyester is probably one of the most common fabrics you’ll find in infant and toddler clothes, because it’s cheap and easy to produce, but it’s also one of the worst fabrics for your infant’s skin. It should not be used in babies sleep garments. It is not safe. Sleep garments should be made from natural fibres only, like wool, cotton or bamboo etc.

Chemically produced synthetics are now made to feel soft and cuddly. Because of that, they can seem like a safe choice for dressing your baby. But you should stay away from synthetics whenever possible.

Synthetic fleeces aren’t breathable and can increase the baby’s risk of overheating in their sleep.Bruce Epstein, M.D., a paediatrician from Florida, explained the link to Babycenter saying, “babies sleep deeply when they’re hot, making them difficult to arouse, which may increase the risk of SIDS.”

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The main thing is that every child is precious & special. They need extra care and opportunity. Parents want to get the best thing for their child.If you want your clothing business successful ,you should study a lot about this. You can check some articles here related about business-

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