Learning Process Of Kids clothing

Teaching your child is not an easy task. But you can make it simple by following some steps.

There are too may parents who does everything of their child & don’t try to teach them doing thyself. Later it become a curse for both parents & children.  We need to make learn to our children form the childhood.

Getting dressed by themselves is important. It makes your children more confidence about themselves. These are some steps you may follow  –

  • Get dressed with them
  • Make the rules  into simple steps
  • Complement verbal commands
  • Teach orientation of clothing items
  • Make the learning fun & always be patient

Get dressed with them

Children always learn from what they see around them. So when you are going to get ready make sure you are getting ready together. It will help them copy or follow you.

Make the rules  into simple steps

What to do & what not to do,  you should make it clear to them. Explain them why  this  is good and why bad. They need to learn the reason.

Compliments & Commands

Give them compliments while they are doing good or succed to do any step. It will increase their learning interest.To practice putting clothing on, use VERY LARGE size when first learning.

The thing is that when your toddler is learning how to put cloth on, use large size so that the can easily put on or remove clothes.

Teach orientation of clothing items

Make them learn the words front,  back,  bottom etc. Alse teach them to find the tag.

Make their closet easy and simple so that they can things  find easily. Use colourful things to decorate their closet,  it will make them happy.

Make the learning fun & always be patient

You have to be very patient while you are parents. Make every learning fun so that they can learn by playing.  It will help them to remember long lasting.

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