Kids Shopping Tips – How to avoid bad buy day!

Things that we like and love today, but regret having bought tomorrow may called bad purchase.  You’ll be shocked   to know that most of the parents get stuck in this bad purchase or bad buy day! 

There are days when go out to shop for an important thing , but get back with several shopping bags without that important things!  Oh yes, that’s a bad buy day! No matter how good you are at saving a big buck from your salary, we often get pathed out when we go for shopping. There are times when you get back home from shopping and realize, that you didn’t even need ton of things that you bought in that moment. The thrill of shopping makes us forget the resolutions we made of saving amount from or salary and maintaining the budget. There is a statistics which says that parents specially moms have this habit to buy a lot of things for kids  eventually which are nothing  but loosing money .

So, how to avoid this bad buy day?

Here is some rules or tips which can prevent this bad buy day if you follow them –

  • Make a list of essentials
  • Make a budget
  • Set a time limit
  • Do online shopping
  • Shop with a clear mind
  • Make a seasonal wardrobe
  • Making a list before you go shopping is important. If you can make it a habit to stick to that list, you’ll eliminate a lot of little impulse buys. For other purchases, make it a habit to plan them, save for them, shop around, and even see if you can get it for free. Going through this process ensures that your purchases are more deliberate, and less on impulse. 
  • Making budget is another important thing. There is a saying that cut your pocket according to your coat. So  arrange the things according to your importance.  It will make make your shopping easier.
  • Set an alarm  before going for shopping. It will warn you  about time.
  • This is 2022.  You can do online shopping  for your kids. You can think before shopping,  you can make list, you can take time, you can compare price.
  • You can find shops which are providing  things with best price. If you want baby clothes you have to find shops according to your budget. For example – ” Blue Jay ” is one of the best popular kids clothing brand in Malaysia who are providing best kids clothes with an affordable price.

This wholesale kid’s clothing brand gaurunite you about their products. Have a look on their website & social media.

  • Never go for shopping when you are too much happy or too much sad. It will affect on your shopping.  Go shop with a clear mind, think before buy & do a potential shopping.
  • Shopping is a skill. You can grow slowly here. If you are new parents it will take time. But you will learn the tips & trick with the passing of time.

Another tips for kids shopping is that arrange your kid’s wardrobe according to season & necessity.  It will help you finding which one is needed now.

Have a great shopping day!

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